Saturday, May 5, 2012

April 16, 2012

SO really... How in the world am I already emailing you again?!? Ha ha! Time is going so FAST!!!

I am great! We have been hard at work all week and were able to teach a lot of people. This week was really good and we had a few new investigators come to church. A family from San Crispin, a barangay (neighborhoodish) in our area, that we have been teaching for the past few weeks finally came AND I was one of the speakers. So it turned out to be a pretty great day. It helps that I finally feel like I am starting to learn the language well enough to communicate with people. Many times people will still just blankly stare at me when I say something to them but Sister Rombaoa told me that I am saying things correctly it's just that they are shocked that "someone like me" (ha ha) is speaking Tagalog. I LOVE Sister Rombaoa! she leaves in four weeks and I am sad to be "killing" another companion!

So something I have been thinking about a lot lately- being happy. So many of the people we teach will say "I'm not happy because of ________, or if I just had _________ I would be happier. It has been really hard for me because a lot of the issues are because many of the people are so poor and I don't know how to help them.I wish I could just tell them that money won't make them happy, because I KNOW that money and material objects are not the source of true happiness, but it's not that simple. During my talk I was just overwhelmed with love as I looked at my ward. I know that true happiness and true joy comes from focusing on Jesus Christ, Others- Serving and loving them and then You- focusing on making yourself a better person, more like Christ. This was from sister rombaoas talk yesterday :) I also know that when we are grateful for our blessings we are not only happier but God blesses us with more.

I am so GRATEFUL to be a missionary! I love you all!!!!


sister Morton

The photos- I meant to send them last week, we were able to attend transfer day so I got to see my "boys" aka the elders that were in my zone in the MTC! and that big thing is a carabao they are huge!

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