Monday, April 9, 2012

April 8, 2012

So Easter weekend has been great. We had conference and I loved it!!! I of course have limited time so I just want to talk about one thing that I really enjoyed about it. It was actually a talk about raising children. don't remember which one at the moment. Now for most of conference, and let's be honest for most of my mission, I have tried really hard to not think about getting married and starting a family because I am just so excited for when this is going to happen. It is especially hard with all the family talk during conference and when we are teaching two different families with brand new babies. Anyways... the talk was about raising children in the gospel and helping "our" children to make their own spiritual connection to heaven. Well guess what? I have about 30 of God's children that I am trying to help make a spiritual connection to heaven and it's hard! I just want every single person I talk to to understand the gospel and realize how happy they can be. I loved at the end of sister Esplins talk how she quoted "I am a child of God" All of us really need some one to lead us, guide us, and walk beside us during some point of our life. If you're not the one needing to be lead or guided I hope you can find someone to lead guide and walk beside. :)

No time left!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!


Sister Morton

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