Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 26, 2012

Kumusta po kayo?!?

SO... remember how a week of two ago I said it was the beginning of summer here and was SO HOT? well I spoke too soon. On Saturday we were sitting in a lesson and I heard thunder- for the first time since I have been here. Now it has rained before, and quite hard my first couple of weeks here, BUT I learned that thunder means it's a REAL storm! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have NEVER seen rain like I saw on Sat. and of course it was one of the few days I chose NOT to bring my umbrella. HA! I'm really bad at following promptings.... so needless to say I was soaking wet for the rest of the day and I would leave a puddle wherever I went. Luckily we usually just teach on covered pouches or on concrete floors :) It has been cold for the past few days.... no joke. I even slept in my fleece jacket the other night cause the sheet just wasn't cutting it. ha ha. I still love it here though and all the rain has washed most the trash away so that has been nice :)

On a more spiritual note... a real quick one since I only have 4 minutes. This week I realized how even though each one of us has very different things going on in our lives we all have trials. We all have something that is trying to bring us down and something that is there that will make us stronger if we face it with the right attitude and know that the purpose of our trials is to make us stronger, better people. I'm grateful for this experience AND I'm so grateful for all of you!!!


Sister Morton

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