Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 22, 2012

Oh my goodness I am so tired! But so so great!!!! I'm sorry I am writing a day later than normal and I hope that you weren't too worried that I was ran over by a jeepney or something, ha ha. We had three appointments yesterday and with all the other pday activities- Groceries, laundry cleaning the apartment, we didn't have time for emails.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love Sister Gallagher! It feels like we have been companions for months. We have been working our tails off and had 10 more lessons this week than any other week since I have been in the Pines. I am so exhausted and I really don't feel like I should be so happy, but I am. :) I am learning so so much and Sister Gallagher is forcing me to speak Tagalog. I am noticing the language slowly starting to improve. The biggest/most important thing I am learning from her is how to follow the Spirit. She is an amazing teacher and just knows how to follow promptings. I am so lucky to have her as my companion for her last transfer!!!!

Other exciting news- We had been teaching Jerwin at the church and this week we were able to set up an appointment at his house. We met his Sister Joanna and she is really interested and we have started to teach her as well. So cool!

We have also had some success with our less active members. Last night we had FHE with my favorite family in the Pines- I LOVE THEM! The mom and the 3 oldest children are members but all less active and then the dad, the 10 and 12 year old boys are non members and then they have a 6 and a 4 year old boy. They are so cute and I can slowly see them starting to come around. I met them the week after I got here and the dad wouldn't even acknowledge us, but now he is listening in on the lessons and participated in FHE last night. It was so funny. At the end of the night he was like "Okay I'm done now, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen." Ha ha, at least we know that he is listening to at least a part of our lesson :) I love teaching them and I can see them becoming more and more united as a family.

Well... I've had a thousand other cool/new experiences this week, but not enough time to write. I have learned something so valuable this week though- no matter what happens, if we have faith and trust in God, and the do everything we can to do our part then EVERYTHING works out. It might not always work out the way we see it, but I've noticed if I really look for the reason things go the way they do, I find that it all works out much better than I could have planned. I have seen this happen multiple times this week, and I am so lucky to have Sister Gallagher here to help me see the good in everything.

I love you all so much!!! MAHAL KO KAYO!!!!
Sister Morton

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 15, 2012

Pamilya at mga kaibigan ko!

This week was kinda crazy, but GREAT!!!! Right after I emailed last week we headed to the ear, nose and throat doctor. I felt like I had an ear and sinus infection. Turns out it's just some kinda of -itis that is causing pressure in my ears. So don't worry I'm okay. I think it will just take some time for my body to adjust to the humidity, pollution and the smoke from the investigators stove (fire pit) :)

I was kinda nervous to be going to a doctor here in the Pines, ok like really nervous. Things aren't exactly what I would call clean here and the last thing I needed was to catch an actual infection from the doctors office. When we pulled up in the trike I was relived because it was a brand new building and it didn't look like it had been standing long enough for any cockroaches to move in yet. ( I have killed 4 in our apartment and it's usually at 3 in the morning when I walk into the bathroom- not the funnest thing to do when you are half awake, ha ha :) Anyways. Inside was really nice and I learned that a lot of the missionaries had been there before and the doctor spoke ok english. So I sat down in the chair and watched him sterilize the camera- another relief :) and then he stuck the camera in my ears and took some photos and showed me the screen. He then proceeded to stick the camera, with out cleaning it, into HIS ear to show me that my ears looked fine. Talk about customer service. He cleaned the camera off and then stuck it in my nose. And yup then stuck it in his own, without wiping, to show me the difference. At least I knew that I wasn't contagious. My sinuses were really red and inflamed in comparison. I got some nasal spray and am doing much better. I just hope that I don't have to get a colonoscopy while I am here :) Too funny!

So the other GREAT part of the week, the GREATEST part of the week- I have a new companion!!! Sister Gallagher!!!! She is from Pleasant Grove and this is her last transfer. I am already sad that I only get to spent 6 weeks with her, but am so greatful for it and so grateful for the missionary she has become. She is AMAZING at teaching and so so great at Tagalog. We have only been together a few days but have gotten really close and I have learned SO MUCH already. I thought it was crazy how many stares I would get walking through the streets before, but now it is double time because of us two whities. We were sitting in a jeepney and I said to her "We are from Lindon and PG and we are sitting in a jeepney in the Philippines on the other side of the world and we are companions." How cool is that?!? I still catch myself being amazed at this crazy place I am in and that I am finally a missionary.

Jerwin is great. He is so smart and I warned Sis. G about it. In the lessons he asked us a TON of questions and after Sis G was like "wow, I know you warned me, but wow." She did so great though and I really can't express how great of a teacher she is. Some of our other investigators/less actives have responded so well to how loving and bold she is. She has a GREAT testimony and it shows. She is also forcing me to teach in Tagalog. I love it and feel like I am getting better. I'm starting to feel like a missionary more and more everyday. It's so great.

I know without a single doubt that this church is true and the Book of Mormon has the answers we all need. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity I have to share this with the people of the Philippines. I know that this gospel is the ONLY way to return to our Father in Heaven. Even though most of the people here have nothing, and live in shacks that aren't as nice as the tents we have in America, I can help them to receive the most important and valuable thing there is. I have felt the Spirit so so strong and I can feel the love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us. I love you all and hope you can feel my love wherever you may be.


Sister Morton

January 8, 2012

One transfer will be over this week!!!! I cannot believe how fast it went... ok, there have been quite a few days that seemed like they would never end, but it is starting to go faster. I have started to adjust more and more, but since the holidays are over it seems like it is getting even easier. I don't think I will ever adjust to the heat or the freezing cold showers, but everything else seems like it will continue to get easier.

So on Friday Sister Peterson, the mission president's wife came with us to some appointments. It was GREAT! and we just happened to see our first big scary snake! Luckily it was dead. It was HUGE! It had to be at least 7 feet long. I'm so glad it wasn't alive and I hope and pray that I don't see one the rest of the mission!!!!

Jerwin is great! Still so so eager to learn. He set a baptismal goal date for the 18th and he is so excited, and so our we!!! He is 19 and I cannot believe his knowledge of the bible. It is incredible. I love teaching him!

The work with the less actives is slow but there are a few families that have been really receptive to us. I love hearing them bear their testimony and then see and feel them start to remember what the Spirit feels like. It's been really great and I know it will be even better when I can actually communicate with them!

This week we have an third companion because here comp went home and we will be with her until transfer day on Friday. Which means I get to see Sister Pruden from the MTC who gets here this week!!! I am excited to be able to give her a heads up about eveything that shocked me!!!!

Well I am out of time:( I love you all and MISS YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!


Sister Morton

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

This week went by really fast! New Years was nice. We went to our stake presidents house for dinner on New Years Eve. We had to be home by six thirty though (on New Years Day too) Bedtime was at ten thirty as usual, but it was harder to fall asleep with all the fireworks going off. They LOVE fireworks here! And by fireworks I mean mostly small bombs- SO LOUD! :)At midnight I woke up again because of all of the "bombs" going off, for literally 15 minutes straight. It sounded like WW2 outside. No joke!

On New Years day we went out teaching, including Jerwin. He set a baptismal goal date, and he seems really excited about it. He is so full of questions I love it! It is the highlight of my week teaching him. Later that day we had dinner with the senior sisters who live next door to us. They are so great! They have definitely been lifesavers for me. It's nice to get home cooked food every once in awhile, and by home I mean home home. :)

I miss you all so so much! I hope you all have a great year and I'll be home next year! Not too much longer ;)

Sister Morton