Monday, January 16, 2012

January 8, 2012

One transfer will be over this week!!!! I cannot believe how fast it went... ok, there have been quite a few days that seemed like they would never end, but it is starting to go faster. I have started to adjust more and more, but since the holidays are over it seems like it is getting even easier. I don't think I will ever adjust to the heat or the freezing cold showers, but everything else seems like it will continue to get easier.

So on Friday Sister Peterson, the mission president's wife came with us to some appointments. It was GREAT! and we just happened to see our first big scary snake! Luckily it was dead. It was HUGE! It had to be at least 7 feet long. I'm so glad it wasn't alive and I hope and pray that I don't see one the rest of the mission!!!!

Jerwin is great! Still so so eager to learn. He set a baptismal goal date for the 18th and he is so excited, and so our we!!! He is 19 and I cannot believe his knowledge of the bible. It is incredible. I love teaching him!

The work with the less actives is slow but there are a few families that have been really receptive to us. I love hearing them bear their testimony and then see and feel them start to remember what the Spirit feels like. It's been really great and I know it will be even better when I can actually communicate with them!

This week we have an third companion because here comp went home and we will be with her until transfer day on Friday. Which means I get to see Sister Pruden from the MTC who gets here this week!!! I am excited to be able to give her a heads up about eveything that shocked me!!!!

Well I am out of time:( I love you all and MISS YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!


Sister Morton

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