Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 7, 2012

So not too much to report on this past week. Church was GREAT and we have a couple of great investigators who came to church and have accepted baptismal goal dates! Super exciting!!!! Hopefully they will continue to follow through on their commitments and continue to progress in their faith.

In other news... This is my last week with Sister Rombaoa. Crazy. I will have a temporary companion next week and then will have a new companion a week from friday. Time goes by really fast when you are helping a companion pack almost every transfer. Ha ha. I am sad she is leaving. We have been teaching really well together and I have learned a TON of tagalog from her. And she makes me laugh- Today while walking through the bayan (downtown in San Pab) I saw my first giant rat, well first giant rat that wasn't smashed on the road.... and I said to Sister R "Sister TINGAN MO!" She turned and saw it and said, with absolutely no Pinay accent "Oh sick" Ha ha, Ok it's probably just funny to me because I am the one who always says "oh sick" (because there are a lot of things her that make me say it) and the way she said it was like hearing myself. So we have been together long enough for her to pick that up :)

SO on to the doktor doesn't = doctor story. I was pretty sick last week, don't worry mom i'm better now :) I had to go to the doctor, I mean doktor (doctor in Tagalog... no really if you say doctor they don't really understand you. You have to say doktor and roll the r a little. Just ask Sister Gallagher ;) I had a sore throat, ears, bad cough and head ache and then on thursday morning whatever I had spread to my eyes (they were SO red) and I decided it was time to go to the doktor. So we went and waited on a little bench. I layed my head on Sister R's lap, her whole lap and then my legs dangled, ok they were touching the ground but you get the point, over the armrest on the other side of the bench for the 2 hours we had to wait in the OUTDOORish waiting room. Then I went in to see the doktor. I sat down and told him my symptoms. He said it was because of the change in weather, it's super SUPER hot for a few days and then will rain like crazy for a day. So then he said it's probably a bacterial infection and I should go buy antibiotics and then he told me that I should stay in a room with air con and watch tv AND not to go walking anywhere especially in the sun or the rain (the only two kinds of weather here in the Pines) Ha ha, I just kept thinking well most those things are not really an option so antibiotics and priesthood blessing it is. Luckily the elders were able to give me a blessing that night and I bought some super expensive antibiotics. I am feeling much better now, still a little week but MUCH better. I actually like going to the doktor because I always have a fun story to tell afterward. HA!


Sister Morton

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