Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 11, 2012

This week was great! I had a great birthday, was able to show my new comp around everywhere and then finished the week with a baptism. Not too shabby. The only thing that was just great was the warmth. It's getting really warm (91 F) here because summer is the end of March, April and May. The senior sisters said that we aren't allowed to say the "h" word here... no not that h word even though that is what it is starting to feel like :) ha ha, hopefully that's not to inappropriate of a joke for a missionary email. :)

So Sister Gallagher and I started teaching Nolasco the end of January and he was baptized on Saturday. He is so great!!!! He has some much faith and he has said over and over he just wants to do what the Lord wants him to do. It has been really neat to see his faith and knowledge grow in the gospel. The first lesson after Sister Gallagher left he told my new comp the Sister G and I had been like angels to him. Maybe it is just because we're both white... but it was still really sweet :) It has also been so awesome to see him just jump right into the ward.

I love our ward!!! Church has turned into my favorite part of the week! It is like an emotional rollar coaster ride though. One second I am sad because someone who said they would show up and seemed to be progressing, won't come. Then the next second someone I never expected to come back to church while I am still in San Pablo will walk through the doors. (I know I need to have more faith in those people :) It's really great and church attendance is one of the biggest ways we show our faith. Especially for the people here because it takes so much to get to church. Really. I think about how many times I was too lazy to go and I could have walked to the church in 10 minutes if I walked slow and I didn't even have to walk because I had a CAR. Never again will I complain or skip church.

Well time is up....


Sister Morton

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