Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Febuary 27, 2012

What a difference a week makes! :) This week started out kind of rough. I was sick, my beses friend went home and they dropped me off in a new area with new investigators and less active members, a new (and by new I mean different :) apartment with a new companion, and there was not any toilet paper in the "new" bathroom. It seriously was a traumatic flash back of my first couple of weeks in the Pines and that adjustment is pretty high on the list of "things megan NEVER wants to do again. ever." ha ha. BUT after a couple of days and and a normal temperature and my stomach going back to what i now call normal for it, :) I realized how far I have come in the 3 months I have been here. I can actually understand and speak Tagalog MUCH better than I could, I wouldn't call it every good yet, but progress is progress. AND the coolest thing- I'm learning how to rely on the Lord more and more every day. Missions are amazing.

I am so grateful for this experience. It's like progression on warp speed. Ether 12:27- It is happening. and I am so grateful. I prayed for my mission to be hard, and most days I wonder "ANO SA MUNDO was I thinking?" ha ha but I am so grateful for this experience I have to learn and grow. I am even more grateful for the opportunity I have to see the Spirit help people change their lives. It really is a miracle.

Time goes SO FAST!!!! Next month it will be my sixth month mark, I will have only a year left til i'm home, and I'll be 28!!!! CRAZY!!!! If the rest of my mission goes as fast as the last six weeks did, I feel like I'm going to be home in like four days ;) The last transfer was so great!!!! I learned so so SO MUCH and I am so grateful for Sister Gallagher. She is amazing. I miss her, but all the things I learned from her are really coming in handy. :) My new companion is great. Her name is Sister Villasis and she is from the southern part of the Pines. She has such a fun personality and loves to tease. She is a really happy person and a strong teacher! I am excited to spend the next 12 weeks with her. :) President Peterson told me not to come back to the next transfer day because I have been to every one so far. So we will see. He might change his mind and miss me. ha ha.

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week, and you read your scriptures :)


Sister Morton

Oh... PS.... we went hiking up a mountain today for pday and i'm pretty sure there is no word for switch back in Tagalog, because we hiked STRAIGHT up a mountain. no joke, and every time I hike i remember how much I don't like hiking ha ha, BUT the jungle is awesome :)

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