Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 29, 2012

Kumusta po kayo!!!
So I literally have no time. We have been so so busy and it seems like the last two pdays have been busier than all the other days of the week. It is really great though because we are working so hard. I have never been so exhausted and so happy at the same time. I'm so good!!!! The work is going so great! We had 5 less actives come to church yesterday and 5 investigators! The hard work is starting to have some results! I love it and I love seeing the people here taking the steps to make their lives better. Everything this past week has been so great!!!

I did get frostbite this week though.... no joke. I swear I am the only person to get it in the pines in the history of the pines. I filled an ice tray so we could make buko (young coconut) shakes and my hands were wet from washing the ice tray when I went to set the them in the freezer. Yup, my finger stuck to the metal freezer and I had to yell to sister gallagher to get a cup of water to unstick me. Hindi mabuti (no bueno :)!!!!! Sister Gallager was laughing her head off, and I was too in between crying a little (it really hurt!) But it's getting better now, the blister is almost gone. Yup leave it to Sister Morton to spend her whole life playing in the snow and then I come to, what I think is the hottest place on earth, and I get a blister from frostbite!!!! Ha ha, I swear my journal is turning into a comic strip :)

Well I hope everyone is well!!! I love you all!!!!
Sister Morton

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