Monday, December 12, 2011

December 11, 2011

I miss you all so so much! I wish I could call you each day and tell you about all of my crazy experiences, but at least I get this email once a week to tell you some of the highlights. This week has been easier than my first few days. My body is starting to adjust to the heat and to the food (Thank Heaven!) I've decided that it is going to be basically impossible for me to lose weight here because the members are so great and love to feed us. My predictions were also correct in that they do expect me to eat a lot. I get called mataba and malaki (chubby and big) all the time. It's a complement here though. They call me"healthy" when they are speaking English to me. :) It's so funny. I also get called so tall and maganda (beautiful) so that off sets the fat comments for me. I love it! The heat isn't too bad either. It's supposed to be the dry season- which is the cool season, but it hasn't been dry it has rained almost every day. On wed I had to hold my skirt up because we were walking through shin deep water at times. Crazy...

The people here are so so nice and helpful. The little kids LOVE me! I seriously get stalked by them. When we are walking through a neighborhood I'll say kumusta to a couple of little kids as we walk by and then a few minutes later I'll look behind me and there will be dozen kids just tagging along with us. They are so so cute! I wish the adults wanted to talk to me as much as the kids do. It would make this mission thing a whole lot easier :)

Funny story for you- On Tuesday we met up with a member, Brother Felix. He had a referral for us and was going to come and show us because it was out in the jungle. Like real jungle - walking through a very muddy path for at least a half a mile. It was great! I just kept laughing because I could see myself walking through all this mud in my crocs and in a skirt. It would have been much better to have hiking shoes on, but I made it without falling. As we were walking I was concentrated so hard on the ground and not slipping. I then felt my face go through a spider web. I instantly went into crazy ninja mode. I seriously felt like the giant spider from Harry Potter was going to jump on me for a second. After a few seconds of pure panic I realized that there was no spiders on me and I made it though the web ok. I looked back at what I had just plowed through and there was a spider about the size of my palm, about a foot from the hole my face made. It was black and blue and if I could bring myself to say a spider looked pretty I would...but I can't:) It kind of looked like the yellow and black spider in the photo. Luckily the spiders here aren't poisonous.

The work is going well. We have about 20 lessons a week. The hardest thing I have found is that our area is far from the church and a lot of the investigators don't have enough money to make the trip. It's really sad. A few really want to be baptized, but it is so hard for them to make the sacrifice to come to church. There are definitely people that have been prepared here. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!

Hanggang sa susunod linggo!!! (Until next week!)
Sister Morton

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